How to Find an Oroville Tenant

Posted by Scott Wolf // August 7, 2017

Oroville Tenant

You finally have a great Oroville rental property, but now you need to find a tenant to occupy it. But just any Oroville tenant won’t do. You need to find one that will take good care of your property and pay rent on time. Here is our guide on how to find an Oroville tenant. […]

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Improve Your Rent and Property Value in Real Estate Chico California

Posted by Scott Wolf // July 31, 2017

Real Estate Chico California

Your real estate Chico California rental property is great at helping you earn extra cash. It’s a long-term investment that you’re hoping will payout in the end and maybe even give you a nice retirement nest egg for when you decide to take it easy. You want to make your real estate Chico California property […]

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4 Paradise Rehab Mistakes Amateurs Make

Posted by Scott Wolf // July 24, 2017

Paradise Rehab

TV shows make Paradise rehab projects look quick and easy, but as anyone who has ever really done one, they are not so black and white. There’s a lot that can change or go wrong as the Paradise rehab project gets going, and you need to think about what you’re getting into. If you’re considering […]

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How to Help Your Real Estate Orland CA Cash Flow

Posted by Scott Wolf // July 17, 2017

Real Estate Orland CA

The single most important aspect of buying real estate Orland CA is the cash flow that it creates. This is the money you’ll use to pay a mortgage, repair cost or new investment. The better cash flow, the more money you’ll earn. Here is our guide on how to help your cashflow in real estate […]

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5 Factors That Predict How Quickly Your Oroville Home will Sell

Posted by Scott Wolf // July 10, 2017

Oroville Home

When you’re trying to sell your Oroville home, you want to get it off the market as quickly as possible. But how can you know for sure just how long your property may sit on the Oroville market? As you prepare to sell your Oroville home, consider these five factors that indicate how quickly a […]

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A Guide to Understanding Your Chico Real Estate Returns

Posted by Scott Wolf // July 3, 2017

Chico Real Estate

Understanding returns in Chico real estate investing is crucial to your investing success. There’s a plethora of information and strategies to be learned throughout the process so it’s best to have a firm understanding before you begin investing. To help you on your journey, here is a guide to understanding returns in Chico in real […]

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Know THIS When Selling Your Oroville Home

Posted by Scott Wolf // June 26, 2017

Oroville Home

You may be interested in selling your Oroville home right now, but that doesn’t mean your buyers are ready to look at homes. Like anything else, real estate has its busier seasons, and you need to be mindful of them when you are selling your Oroville home. To help you time the market, here are […]

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Necessary Compromises When Buying Paradise California Real Estate

Posted by Scott Wolf // June 19, 2017

Paradise California Real Estate

When you’re buying Paradise California real estate, compromises can be hard to figure out. You may want a home in a certain Paradise neighborhood with three bedrooms, but you can only afford a two-bedroom home in that neighborhood. What do you do? Here is our guide on how to make compromises when buying Paradise California […]

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Create More Cash Flow with Your Oroville Rental

Posted by Scott Wolf // June 12, 2017

Oroville Rental

When it comes to Oroville rental properties, no number matters more than your cash flow. This is the number that will determine how much you will be able to put towards mortgages, insurance, repairs and your bank account. If your cash flow isn’t high enough, then you’re going to be losing money. When running the […]

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Why Pricing Higher Can Help Sell Faster in Paradise

Posted by Scott Wolf // June 5, 2017

Sell Faster

When it comes to pricing your Paradise home to sell quickly, there are plenty of theories on how to do it. Many realtors will have you price just below asking price to encourage bidding wars, but that’s not the only strategy. You can price higher and sell faster in competitive markets. Here is how pricing […]

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