Improve Your Rent and Property Value in Real Estate Chico California

Improve Your Rent and Property Value in Real Estate Chico California

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Your real estate Chico California rental property is great at helping you earn extra cash. It’s a long-term investment that you’re hoping will payout in the end and maybe even give you a nice retirement nest egg for when you decide to take it easy. You want to make your real estate Chico California property as nice as possible.

Here is our guide on how to improve your rent and property value in real estate Chico California.

Build Another Bedroom

A great way to open your real estate Chico California to more potential renters is to add another bedroom to your property. This opens your property up to all types of renters. If you’re adding a second bedroom, roommate tenants will start looking at your property as well as couples looking for a little more space with more of a disposable income. Adding a third bedroom opens your property up to small families and larger groups of roommates.

Having another bedroom means higher rents and higher selling prices so consider adding another one to your real estate Chico California property.

Minor Upgrades

For some real estate Chico California properties, a second bedroom just won’t work with the space, so how do you add value? Making small, minor upgrades can actually make a big difference to your renter, and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do them.

Let’s say your appliances work well, but they’re dated and they may only have a few years left. If your appliances have some life left, wait until a season sale rolls around and buy upgraded appliances at a cheaper price. You’ll impress buyers and save your money while you’re at it.

Curb Appeal Upgrades

The outside of your property is the first impression many renters see.If you can impress them at this first glance, they’ll already see the value in your real estate Chico California property.

To help increase the rent and value of the property, consider adding a nice deck to the backyard. This is a great entertaining space, and your tenants will love grilling out with their friends and family. Build a quality deck or spruce up the existing one. Add flower boxers and re-stain the deck if necessary.

Improve Amenities

Making your tenants feel at home and at ease is the key part of keeping good tenant. Making sure your home is convenient for them is the first step.

If you don’t have a washer and dryer in unit, consider installing one or creating a whole room on the property if you own an apartment building. This is an easy fix that can attract plenty of real estate Chico California renters immediately. Most renters don’t want to have to find a laundromat to do their laundry at every weekend.

Though there are many cool amenities to do, avoid costly ones like pools and tree-houses. These are niche amenities, and they won’t please everyone. Keep your property available to the biggest group of tenants.

Your property will usually appreciate over time as long as you keep it in good condition. Enhance it by keeping it modern and clean, and the rents and property values will be in a great position to remain high.

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